India – Kerala

Partnering to Bring Light to Dark Places

Desh Seva Samiti and Paadhai Partner with One Million Lights to send Solar Lights to tribal regions of Kerala, India

Distributing solar lights in Wayanad, Kerala

Ramesh Santhanam of Paadhai went to a couple of tribal villages, deep in the forest – which are isolated and without any electricity – to distribute some solar lanterns. The villages were Chullikkad near Pulppally and Kariyathan colony near Kalpetta.

He said “It is amazing to see that there are so many involved in making this happen. Right from…

  • OML who are working with Paadhai on this Solar Lantern distributions
  • DSS who imported the lamps and loaned us for this particularly donation
  • Ravi – a friend – who personally contributed the part of the final NGO
  • WGST team of Baburaj & Rajeevan that identified the villages and escorted us to these deep-in-the-forest locations
  • Vikash, who was doing the background work on the village selections
  • Mohan and Senthil – friends, again – who drove us down to Wayanad; and were there for the distributions
  • and, the whole team in Switzerland/France supporting Paadhai initiatives

Students reading with solar light in Kerala, India

Good to see people coming together, from different parts of the world, for such a cause.”