Evening Care Suffers without Light

At rural clinics in Ghana, there is demand for more clean, safe light

A single solar light makes a difference for hundreds of people.

Rural clinics in Ghana are chronically understaffed, underresourced, and overwhelmed with need. Additionally, frequent power outages reduce the already limited ability to serve patients over night. With solar lights, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare workers can provide care 24 hours a day.

Women seeking medical treatment for themselves and their children in Ghana can expect very long lines.

Our partner MedPLUS Connect brought this first batch of lights to assess the need for the towns and villages they serve in Lawra and Wa West Districts, Ghana, West Africa. Ten of the solar lights were distributed to a 60 bed hospital located in a rural area of northern Ghana. The hospital is staffed by a compassionate and hardworking group of doctors and nurses who do their very best to provide healthcare to the 50,000 people who live in their area.

Fifteen of the solar lights were distributed to community health centers located in the northwest Ghana. Now, local villagers, including pregnant women and children suffering from malaria will be able to receive care 24 hours per day. Each community health center in the district will receive a solar lamp.

Forty more solar lights were sent to MedPLUS toward a subsequent distribution to Ghana, in the summer of 2011.

Happy girl helping to unload solar lights

Unloading the Lawra Shipment of solar lights

Rural Ghana Village