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The School Fund and One Million Lights are teaming up to send solar lights to students in Tanzania

Lugalo Secondary School students in Iringa, Tanzania

The students of Lugalo Secondary School in Iringa, Tanzania, struggle every year to afford the fees required for their supplies, instruction, books, food, uniform, and exams. It’s only about $150 per year. But, for them, $150 per year is a fortune.

Thanks to The School Fund, an innovative person-to-person funding site that links students in the developing world with funders around the globe, all of these students’ fees have been paid.

One Million Lights would like YOUR help in sending solar lights to these students to help them study with clean, safe light.

The School Fund distributes solar lights

They routinely rely on dangerous and expensive kerosene lanterns to study. When you replace their kerosene lantern with a clean, safe solar light, students have a motivation to study, non-toxic air in their home, no risk of burns or fires, increased family savings, and no carbon emissions. It’s a multi-faceted gift that changes lives overnight!

Your donation of $20 puts a solar light into the hands of a student. In fact, this gift keeps on giving for years to come… spread out over the lifetime of the light, you are giving clean, safe light to a student for about $2 per year. Furthermore, our solar lights save the average family 1/3 of their annual income and eliminate 1 tonne of carbon every 5 years.

Donate a light today to a student at Lugalo Secondary School. Our goal is to send 50 lights this year and every year until each of the more than 650 students has a clean, safe light. Join us today and read on for more information about adopting this project!

School in Tanzania

Need: $1,000 / Solar Lights: 50

Learn More About It

  • Village is near Iringatown in Iringa, a Southern region of Tanzania
  • Need 50 lights for students at Lugalo Secondary school
  • Partnered with The School Fund for fundraising and distribution
  • School need is an additional 600 lights, for a total of 650 lights over the next 5 years
  • Lugalo has a computer lab and electricity at school, but when students return home, they have no clean, safe light with which to study.