Imagine a hospital without light

Help Laura Stachel of WE CARE Solar bring solar light to rural Nigerian clinics

Nurse working without electricity in her rural Nigerian clinic

Laura has traveled to Northern Nigeria several times over the last two years. 60% of Nigeria has no access to electricity, and the remaining 40% that do have access, only have electricity for a few hours a day.

Sadly, even hospitals are included in this rationing of power. Time and time again, she witnessed situations where effective light could be the difference between performing a procedure or sending a patient away.

Over the past year, WE CARE Solar and One Million Lights have sent more than 130 solar lights to Nigerian hospitals. Help Laura take more lights to Nigeria on her next trip! Adopt the project plan below:

Clinics in Rural Areas

Need: $1,400 / Solar Lights: 50

Learn More About It

  • Rural health care centers all over the world, including Nigeria, Tibet, Haiti, Mexico, and Tanzania.
  • Need 50 lights for health care workers to care for women, including pregnant women, mothers, and impaired women.
  • Partnered with WE CARE Solar for distribution through solar suitcases, a solar power kit in a suitcase for rural clinics.
  • WE CARE Solar needs 50 lights every quarter, for a total of 200 lights per year, that will aid in 100 health centers all over the world.
  • Each of the clinics served by WE CARE Solar are better able to serve their patients with their solar equipment. They can also now operate 24 hours per day, aiding their patients in late night deliveries and other emergencies that happen after dark.