One Million LIghts’ programs range from individual solar-light distributions to group-wide fundraising, including grade-school, university, and corporate projects. Here are a just a few of our stories:

Uganda Projects

Uganda Projects

Youth and Women Opportunites Uganda (YWOU) Established in 2012 by a group of volunteers, YWOU, give support to the weakest social groups, such as women, girls, children,and children with disabilities.,They collaborate and network with District local governments, District Community Development office,  local communities, families and local governments and other stakeholders in rural areas to provide [Read more…]

“Share The Light” Partnership

"Share The Light" Partnership

04/26/2017 One Million Lights and Renew TC Announce “Share the Light” partnership to provide turnkey programs to end Energy Poverty and serve people without access to clean light and energy. “One Million Lights founder, Anna Sidana, is a well-respected and passionate thought leader within the energy poverty community,” said Gene Palusky, Renew TC’s founder and [Read more…]

One Million Students’ Projects

One Million Students' Projects

April 26, 2017 All over the world there are students who do not have access to electricity.  These students rely on kerosene light or paraffin candles to study, work, ready and play when the sun goes down. One of the ways that One Million Lights helps bring clean, renewable solar light to these students is [Read more…]

Lights Up One’s Life 2015

Lights Up One's Life 2015

Global Ambassador’s Jane Oyugi and Mark Collins completed their 3rd OML distribution in Tanzania in November.  They distributed 192 Nokero lights to students.  While in Tanzania under their organization called, Sustenersol, they also worked on bringing clean energy and clean drinking water to the Dodoma region of Tanzania. They installed a microgrid at a local primary [Read more…]

Pam Ulicny- Stem Educator

About Me I have been teaching Life Science, Biology, and Environmental Science for in Tri-Valley Jr/Sr High School located in Hegins, PA since 1992.  Over the years, I have enjoyed sharing my passion for science and lifelong learning with generations of Tri-Valley grads.  I specialize in herpetology (the study and care of reptiles and amphibians), [Read more…]

One Million Lights and Interact 5160

One Million Lights and Interact 5160

By Kirpa Wirk, November 2015 Every year One Million Lights gets the opportunity to teach, study with, and fundraise with students all over the country.  For the 2015-2016 school year One Million Lights is partnering with Interact District 5160 to improve the daily lives of children and adults by fundraising and donating towards providing clean and [Read more…]

Kwelanga Solar

Kwelanga Solar

One Million Lights is partnering with Kwelanga Solar for solar energy education programs and a pay-as-you-go solar light in the area around Cape Town, South Africa.  This initiative was started by Ed Bender, the president of Sundance Solar, based in New Hampshire. This is an ongoing Active Project, so please consider donating today! Here is the [Read more…]

One Million Students at the Military and Global Leadership Academy, Charlotte, NC

One Million Students at the Military and Global Leadership Academy, Charlotte, NC

April 27, 2015 One Million Lights got the pleasure of teaching our One Million Students program for 600 students at The Military and Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The lessons were led by OML Global Ambassadors, William Lee and Josh Krasignor.  The event went spectacular.  The program was custom [Read more…]

Nepal Relief

Nepal Relief

April 26, 2015 One Million Lights and Gham Power are working together, putting solar microgrids in Nepal.  These projects have been in the works for many months with an install estimate of early June.  With the devastating earthquake that hit on April 25, Gham Power and its partners are doing everything they can to get [Read more…]

Reflections on Indonesia 2015

Reflections on Indonesia 2015

By: Sierra Fan, February 2015 This January, I took on the ambitious project of distributing 7000 solar lights in West Java, Indonesia with a team from OML and Energizer Indonesia. After 5 years with OML, and 2 years in Indonesia, I was familiar with the type of communities and distributions. However, this project gave me [Read more…]


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Sierra‘s Reflections - Philippines
After a week-long distribution of 180 solar lights, Light Ambassador Sierra Fan reflects on her experience in the Philippines.

Distributing solar lights in rural India
The absolute joy in the face of a child who has just received his very own solar light… so that he can read at night… is 100% worth every penny.

Jessica‘s story - Olmoti Clinic, Tanzania
Ambassador Jessica Matthys: The solar lanterns will make a significant impact on these women‘s lives.