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Youth and Women Opportunites Uganda (YWOU)

Established in 2012 by a group of volunteers, YWOU, give support to the weakest social groups, such as women, girls, children,and children with disabilities.,They collaborate and network with District local governments, District Community Development office,  local communities, families and local governments and other stakeholders in rural areas to provide holistic community services for the poorest communities in need especially for people who are living with HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria and other diseases.

YWOU is an innovative program initiated and led by women and girls volunteers in Serere district with initiatives that address Education, Energy, Agriculture, Agro-Forestry, Climate Change and Food Security, Water and Sanitation Hygiene-WASH,  Poverty, Women development.

YWOU supports people and children living with HIV/AIDS  by giving them access to clean energy that are affected by extreme poverty and would otherwise live in darkness. YWOU will raise awareness on the health and safety risks of kerosene and implement safety measures. YWOU will empower those in need with clean energy that they need it the most.  School children and HIV positive children can study/read with clean light and gain knowledge about why the future of our planet depends on renewable energies, YWOU will also give women solar so that their houses cannot burn any more form using Kerosene lamps and grass. Please considering donating today.


Greetings from Rape Hurts Foundation (RHF)

Yesterday we were doing a Monitoring and Evaluation for our Solar Light Project Ref the Lights you 18870495_462230477447040_1313286114_osent us.  We wish to tell you about, Mrs. Robinah Nabirye Mukyala a 67yr single Granny who has a full time parent role of raising and providing for 6 grandchildren who were left to her when her 2 sons died of HIV/AIDS.  Robinah who received a solar light from the ones you sent, confessed that her 7yr old grand daughter – Annette, who had been revising/reading/doing her home work on fire places, and had been suffering from a serious eyes problem, completely healed once she started using solar light while doing her school homework, she believes that the smoke from the fire place was the one causing the problem. She is so grateful to One Million Lights for counting her worthy to receive that light. Her testimony touched us and we thought we could share with you.

Evaluation after the distribution of solar lamps

LIGHTS 018After a while there was an evaluation on how and how well the solar lights worked. Uganda Rural Elderly Support came up with a questionnaire and interviews recipients of the lamps during the past months.

The evaluation showed that a solar light is good in at least three levels:

1. Provides better health because of less smoke in the home (No more pollution).
2.  Fighting poverty because it reduces the cost of paraffin/kerosene. (Cost saving).They have saved some money for other usages like treatments, school fees for the grandchildren and other home necessities.
3. Provide better education because they can better do homework at night thus the grades in school goes up,
4. One can use the lamp to be able to sit outside in the evening and socialize with family and friends.
5. No more having supper outside the house with the help of the moonlight.

Some of the interviewed argued with a smile that a third usefulness of solar lights is that they can reduce overpopulation, since there is not much else to do in rural villages after dark than to produce children. When there is light there is something else to do.

Bringing Energy to Rural Parts of Africa

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 9.24.20 PMKachango Primary school is a rural based school which is located 25 KM from the Nation electricity grid North West of Pallisa east of Uganda. The school does not have any lighting facility neither do household. Whereas some members of the community can afford Kerosene (which is degrading to health and the environment) and local candle wax (Missubawa), the majority households cannot. This among others has affected the outcome of pupil’s education. Therefore, any friendly and health source of lighting can help to answer very many development questions.



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