Loventer now studies at night using solar-powered light

Name: Loventer, Age: 13, Grade: 8

Loventer lives with her mother and 4 siblings in a timber house with a tin roof. Her Father passed away in intertribal conflict during the violence in 2009. Her Mother now farms the land herself, but it barely supports them. They have no electricity, and get water from a small river about 1km away from their house. She is concerned that her mother won’t be able to afford secondary school, since they have so little income and so many people to support. She currently uses kerosene for lighting and to study at night but is limited to 1 hour a night of studies. In school she likes math and science but doesn’t like Kiswahili. She hopes to be a nurse one day, so she can help people and support her family. She appreciates us coming and helping make school related expenses more affordable.