Lighting the way to Child-Centered Development in Cameroon

August 2016orphans12

Children located in some five villages ( Bijang, Borrere, Eshobi, Eyangntui and Bombe) in the south west Region of the Republic of Cameroon are still living in darkness and the threat of pollution caused by kerosene lamps.

These five villages are among the most remote villages in Cameroon without good motor-able road, no portable pipe-born water in Borrere, Bijang, Bombe and Eyangntui and the worst of all no electric power supply leaving the villages without any lights at night for children, aging persons and the sick.

The children in these villages perform very poorly in school because they are not be able to read in the evenings or do their homework properly due to the poor lighting from kerosene lamps. Some parents
are not even able to afford kerosene all the time so they use bush lamps at night which is much more dangerous than even kerosene lamps. Bush lamps emit smoke that pollutes the house and the environment affecting the health of children. Women in these villages also cook their evening meals  at night because they always come back from the farms always in the evenings.

oorphansToilets in these villages are located behind the homes. For children to go to toilets at night they need lights to see the path to the toilets and avoid bites from dangerous insects and snakes that move at
night behind the houses. At night children always play out-door and they also gather to hear stories from older children and from adults as well. And these out-door activities need lighting.

We need 104 solar lamps to distribute to households in these five villages for children to use at nights for reading in-door and out-door use.

Our organization ASPA Cameroon has being running child care and education projects in these DSCF9508communities. We have been focusing on providing quality care and education. Helping the children to be able to write and read. We also provide market bags, clothing and kitchen utensils to women in
need in these communities. We are very compassionate for the total development of the children in these communities.

Your donation will be of great help to provide solar lamps to enhance the growth and development of the children in these communities. Your donation will improve on the learning skills of these children,
reduce environmental hazards,  and avoid insect and snake bites at night.

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