Rotary Youth In-Service Trip to La Laguna, Honduras

La Laguna is a village of 89 home and approximately 450 people in the mountains above Copan Ruinas near the Guatemalan border in northwest Honduras. The village has a church and a K-9 school with approximately 99 students. There are no commercial/retail businesses, no medical facilities, and no sources of employment, no electricity and no running water in the homes or the school. None of the villagers own vehicles and the village is not on a bus route. Villagers must either grow their own food or walk to Copan Ruinas to purchase food and all other supplies. Villagers make a living by harvesting coffee during the Nov. – mid-Feb. coffee harvest. Jobs the rest of the year are extremely scarce (although a few men do work on the coffee farms year-round).

After completing 6th grade in the village most students drop out of school and go to work on the coffee farms, move away, or do whatever odd jobs they can find in Copan Ruinas, approximately three miles away. A few are fortunate enough to find sponsors to pay for high school and walk to school in Copan Ruinas.

The 2018 Rotary Youth Engaged in Service team will travel to La Laguna in June 2018. We will work with the villagers to build a playground for the school, build a fence around the kindergarten classroom, distribute hygiene supplies and, with your help and through the partnership with One Million Lights, provide each home with a Nokero N233 solar light.

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