Happy Birthday, Jadin!

We'd like you to meet one of our youngest supporters, Jadin. He's turning 9 this week and he's pledged to donate lights for his birthday!

He's not doing it alone, either... As a birthday present, Jadin asked his friends to donate a few dollars each, so that they can send lights to children living without electricity.

Jadin learned about One Million Lights from another huge supporter of OML, Karen Landry. He decided she was doing important work, and he wanted to get involved himself.

We asked Jadin some questions about why he's helping One Million Lights:

How do you feel about donating? I like helping other people. I want to help other children read and learn. By using the lights they will learn more.

Why did you choose to donate? I chose to donate because I like the lights. I like that they don’t pollute the air and that they only use sunlight. I like to help people feel good.

Would you donate again? Yes, to help more people and Anna.

Do you understand solar? Yes, solar is using sunlight to make power. I want to build things that run on solar like a plane, car, and a house.

Help Jadin reach even more kids by donating a light in his honor.


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