Help send solar lights to Ethiopia

Purchase solar lights for relatives or donate solar lights to those in need

One Million Lights and Addis Light are teaming up to send solar lights to those without adequate access to electricity in Ethiopia.

Will you join us?

Solar lights replace kerosene lamps, candles, and other harmful and expensive forms of evening light. Each solar light placed in the field increases the opportunities for education and income generation for rural, developing world families. They help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, they improve rural health by eliminating dangerous kerosene smoke fumes and eradicating the risk of deadly burns and fires from candles and lanterns.

And the best part is… they will last for decades, only requiring a simple rechargeable battery replacement every 2-3 years. Click here to learn more about the nuns of Sebeta just outside of Addis, Ethiopia and how they are using their solar lights.

If you are interested in purchasing or donating, we'll be using the Kiran solar lamp from D.Light. Your contribution of $25 purchases a light, gets it into the hands of someone in Ethiopia, and supports One Million Lights and Addis Light programming.

Purchasing a light for $25 to give to a friend or family member in Ethiopia
Donating a light to children in need like the three orphans pictured above
• Sharing this opportunity with your friends.

We’ll be distributing hundreds of lights in Ethiopia this summer. Our first batch of 500 lights is funded - thanks in large part to African Village Financial Services, the efforts of Kibre Dawit, the dedicated members of the Tanzanian Aids Orphan Project at St. Ignatius Prep School in San Francisco - especially John Morrison, and YOUR generous donations! Keep those donations coming so that we can continue to create change you can see with our solar lights.


Details on Purchasing a Solar Light for Friends and Relatives in Ethiopia:

D.Light's Kiran is a robust, durable, portable light that combines solar and LED technology. The LED provides high quality, efficient light to read and work. The solar charger is eco-friendly and operates without the need for the electric grid. Great for room lighting in homes without reliable electricity. Your $25 purchases a light, available for pick up in Addis Ababa after June 15. Our programs manager, Barrett Raftery, will be in Addis from June-August this summer managing distributions. Further details about the light hand off in Ethiopia will be sent upon purchase of light.

Email Joan Dorsey at [email protected] or
Barrett Raftery at [email protected] for assistance.


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