Volunteer Spotlight: Stefan Gouyet

Freshman, Palo Alto High School
Palo Alto, CA

One Million Lights relies on a strong group of volunteers to keep our programs strong and connected to our community.

Here’s an interview with one of our supporters, Stefan Gouyet.

How did you hear about One Million Lights?
It was my mother who introduced me to this organization. Last August, my family hosted an OML gathering, and I enjoyed it. After that, I started volunteering for them. Because of my involvement with OML, my family and I have been inspired to look at new ways to make our home more eco-friendly.

What has attracted you to volunteer?
This organization has a great goal in mind, which is to distribute safe eco-friendly lights to children around the world. I also enjoy working with Anna, Joan, Reed, and the other volunteers.

What have you learned from this experience?
I have become more aware of problems around the world. For instance, I was not aware of how many children don’t have a source of safe lighting after the sun goes down. I have also realized how people can donate a small sum of money and have a large impact.

What are your long term goals?
While I am at Palo Alto High School, I would like to perform more community service for One Million Lights. I also hope to visit one of the places where children are using our solar lights.

What can we learn from you?
I like contributing my time to an organization that has a great team of people and an ambitious goal that will make a difference in the world.


We’d love for you to join our team, as well. Some examples of volunteer activities include hands-on projects like organizing events, hosting fundraisers, reaching out to local schools and community centers to start awareness campaigns. Or even some stay-at-home, in-your-own time projects like helping to refine programs, researching grant opportunities, and trolling for great speaking engagements.

Contact Sadaf Minapara at [email protected] to get started on a project that will directly impact people in the developing world who need access to clean, healthy, and safe light.