Barrett Raftery at Bonfire Heights

Barrett Raftery, OML project leader and speaker at Bonfire Heights

Igniting Flames Through Positive Association
September 23 – 25, 2011
Monterey, CA

Join Barrett Raftery at Bonfire Heights for a 3-day weekend conference bringing together a group of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. The all-inclusive conference in lovely Monterey, CA includes an amazing lineup of speakers, group activities, networking, housing and meals.

Barrett, a long-time project leader for One Million Lights, will be conducting a workshop at the conference about Leading a Charitable Organization.  For One Million Lights and other organizations, he has led renewable energy projects in East Africa. He has managed or started a variety of social enterprises and non-profits doing work with youth, health, education and energy both in the U.S. and abroad. Barrett has also started a series of small businesses, most recently Doorman Property Management; an innovative, service and community based approach to property management in San Francisco.

Get more information and sign up at – use promo code ‘Onemillion’ for discounts, and donations to One Million Lights.

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